You can not sit down a child. When can you sit down boys and how to do it

  1. When can you sit down a child?
  2. What time can you sit down boys?
  3. How to sit down the boy
  4. Who will sit first
  5. Sits or sits
  6. When and how to sit down a boy

As soon as a newborn child begins to do something on its own, mothers rush to praise each other for his achievements, sometimes joining a meaningless competition called “who used to be.” One of the main indicators of child development, in their opinion, is the age when the baby begins to sit. The vast majority of mothers sit down their child themselves, as soon as he tries to do this. What threatens the early sitting down boys, and from what time it can be done, we will tell the moms in our article.

When can you sit down a child?

The transformation of the baby into an adult occurs in stages and none of the stages can be ahead of the other. Physiological development the average child allows him to begin to sit six months. Doing this before is not advised because of the large load on the spine. Up to 6 months, babies can not be planted:

  • in pillows,
  • to the knees of parents
  • in a wheelchair
  • in car seats,
  • in walkers / jumpers,
  • in a kangaroo backpack.

Early sitting threatens to curvature of the spine, deformation of the chest and pelvic bones. All this may affect the work of internal organs. In the future, girls may have abnormalities in the genitals.

What time can you sit down boys?

It is accepted to think that boys can be planted much earlier than girls. But the term when you can sit down a boy, affects not so much the floor, as the willingness of the baby. It is determined by such factors:

  1. Physical development and activity of the child. You can briefly sit down the baby, who confidently raises his head, turns over on his stomach and back, trying to pull himself up and sit down.
  2. Temperament. Children phlegmatic begin to sit down, crawl and walk later than their peers.
  3. Body type. More thin children sit down earlier. In fat babies, the load on the spine is greater and it is more difficult for them to sit.

This means that thin, active, mobile children can begin to sit at 5 months. Not physically developed, phlegmatic fatties - at 7, 8 or 9. Between these extremes there are many options. Later, children born prematurely sit down.

Says the doctor! Dr. Komarovsky believes that a small child sitting is not useful at all. The later the vertical load on the spinal column begins, the stronger it will be in the future. The term when the baby can sit is different, he will sit down when he is ready. The task of mom and dad is not to help.

How to sit down the boy

Best to the question - when they start to sit the boy, parents who are engaged with the child can answer physical exercise . At any age, a muscular corset becomes a good defense and support for the spine. It is necessary to help the child to form it, doing gymnastics:

  • Raise the baby by the handles from the prone position,
  • Do with him "slopes"
  • “Fly”, when one hand of an adult holds a child under the tummy, the second - under the legs,
  • Turn on the stomach and back, holding the legs,
  • Ride on a fitball or just a big ball on the back and tummy,
  • Keep the armpits, so that the baby moved his legs,
  • Stimulate crawling in all possible ways.

Ideally, the child should first learn how to crawl, and then begin to sit down. Most often, children sit down as soon as they try to sit down themselves. Pediatricians do not advise to hurry also because the baby can be frightened and get tired of sitting down. The first times they sit down only for a few minutes. The best place for this is soft mum's knees. Sitting the child to yourself, you can create additional support for the armpits and relieve the load on the spine. You also need to ensure that the back was level. Favorite pillows by our grandmothers are considered harmful because the baby cannot change his posture when he is tired or tired.

Every mother wants her child to be the best: he quickly sat down, went faster, began to talk early. And often in the race for various indicators, parents forget about the common sense and physiology of the baby. Without thinking about the consequences and negative effects on the body, mom and dad try to plant by any means faster, learn to stand or walk faster, learn English in two years, and French in three years ... If only my baby was the best! We look at other children of the same age, compare them with our offspring and try to overtake, get the child to do what he is not ready for.

Having come to an appointment with a pediatrician, many mothers ask the question: “How many months can you put the child in?” And this is a matter of pride - we are so small and are already sitting! Yes, maybe the baby will sit, no one argues. But how will such an early sitting on his spine and the weak muscle system affect? Moms and dads, who have thoughts about how much you can plant a child, do not even think that in the future he may have scoliosis or back pain due to the strong desire of parents to teach sitting faster in childhood.

How many months can you plant a child? The answer to this question is unequivocal: no need to plant it! When he is ready, he will do it himself. And do not strive to be like everything or better than someone, take care of the health of the baby, then in the future both you and him will feel better. You should not listen to the advice of the grandmothers and put pillows under the child, because the older generation did so, you should not keep him in your arms in a sitting position for a long time. If the child is not yet ready to sit, then the question of how many months a child can be planted should fall off by itself. Forced sitting has a negative effect on the spine, and besides, the child has back pain, although he cannot tell you about it.

Yes, it is more interesting for a child to sit than to lie down. Much wider overview, easier to reach something. But everything has its time. Do not hurry. If the child is healthy and develops normally, then in the range of 6 to 8 months he will definitely sit by himself.

Parents should not think about how many months to put the child, and how to strengthen the muscles of the back and spine. And this will lead to confident self-sitting in due time. To strengthen and develop the muscles and spine, from birth, often lay the child on the stomach, prompting him to crawl. It is much better if your child first crawls, and only then sit. Crawling does not create a large load on the spine, but strengthens it and makes muscles strong, which will allow the toddler to sit confidently and have an even back in the future. In every possible way encourage crawling, having laid out bright toys in front of the child who is lying on his tummy, so that he would like to get them. And one day you will be pleasantly surprised that your little one, without any help from a position on all fours, sat down himself. This is a natural process for a child, he will start to sit when his whole body is ready for it.

Now let's talk about the walker. A walker is a device that helps the child learn to walk. In fact, it is not. In a child in a walker, the body does not rest on the whole foot, which also adversely affects the musculoskeletal system. How many months can I put my baby on a walker? According to the recommendations of pediatricians, it is better not to buy a walker at all. And save money, and the child will be healthier. Baby will go when he is ready for this process, both physically and mentally. When not only muscle, bone, but also the nervous system will be in full combat readiness to start the process of walking. In fact, children who were eager to learn to walk early are at risk of having crooked legs in the future.

Your baby is unique, he has great potential, he can very much. When the time comes, he will definitely sit down, get up, go, learn to speak and learn English. Just do not bother him and force. Be reasonable parents, and your baby will delight you with health and a happy smile!

Grow a boy or a girl, at first it doesn't matter. And yet, parents love to give infants gender qualities to their babies: “Eat well - the man grows!”, Or “Active little girl, girls are faster than boys!”. In fact, the pace of development and physical data do not depend on gender, but on individual characteristics. The same goes for mastering skills. Girls and boys start to sit on their own at about the same time. What is important is another, in how many months can you sit down a child (boy) so as not to cause harm to health?

But! If the baby is active, turns over confidently, holds his head well, rises on the arms lying on his stomach and uses all the objects at hand to grab and sit down, then his muscles are strong enough to sit down.

In this case, you can sit down the boys, the main thing to do it correctly.

Case material:

First, the time spent in this position should be limited - 1 hour per day.

Secondly, correctly set the angle of inclination. At 5 months, the back of the stroller, deckchair or chair can be raised at an angle of 40-45 degrees, from 6 to 60 degrees.

At 5 months, the back of the stroller, deckchair or chair can be raised at an angle of 40-45 degrees, from 6 to 60 degrees

Who will sit first

The exact age at which the boy will sit down will not be called by any pediatrician. This period is affected not so much by sex, as by the readiness of the infant, depending on many factors.

  1. Physical training. If the parents were engaged in gymnastics with the baby, swimming, doing a massage, they would learn to hold their head up, climb on their arms and sit.
  2. Temperament. Phlegmatic, calm children often lagging behind their peers fidget.
  3. Weight. The mobility and development of muscles depends on the weight of the infant; more than that, the load on the spine is much higher, and therefore it will be more difficult for the boy to sit upright.

The mobility and development of muscles depends on the weight of the infant; more than that, the load on the spine is much higher, and therefore it will be more difficult for the boy to sit upright

So, a physically developed, active “skinny” will sit down at 5 months, and his peer, “fatness,” has the right to master the skill for up to 9 months.

The premature baby has 2 months left to catch up in the development of the rest, and therefore it will sit down much later.

Sits or sits

Assessing the ability to babe to sit, parents are often confused in these terms. Therefore, they begin to worry and hurry, forcibly imprison a child ahead of time.

Related material:

For half a year babies are sitting with support or support, but it is difficult to stay in this position, they continually collapse forward or sideways.

At this stage, in short attempts to stay seated, the back muscles are strengthened, and the baby learns to balance in this position.

Closer to 7 months the little tot will be able to sit on its own, albeit not for long. But "sit down" even later. When a child learns to crawl, it will sit down from a “lying”, “on all fours” position. It is the ability to self-sit down and will be the final stage of the formation of the skill. At what age? Most often in 8-9 months.

If by this time the baby does not even make attempts, consult a specialist (neurologist or orthopedist).

When and how to sit down a boy

You can begin to sit down the boy, i.e. briefly give the body a vertical position from 5-6 months, depending on physical fitness. To avoid harm, read the following guidelines:

  • By good will and in a good mood. Lifting the baby by the handles, do not make sudden movements. Stop immediately, as soon as you understand - this posture causes discomfort. Seat when the baby is in a good mood.
  • Mom - support and support. The first attempts to sit down are not taken in a chair or cushions, but on your lap. So safer and safer baby. If the baby is not 5 months old, it can only be seated in a reclining position.
  • Crawling is the best training. Children's doctors and beloved mothers Komarovsky insist that the child should remain in a horizontal position as long as possible. And instead of sitting down his son, teach him to crawl. During crawling, bends of the spinal column are formed correctly, and the muscles are actively developing.
  • Dose perch. The duration of the first workout should be a few seconds, and the angle of inclination of the back should not be straight.
  • Help become strong. Motor activity is necessary for all children, and especially for boys. After a couple of years, when he starts to perceive himself in gender, this topic will be particularly relevant. In the meantime, to stay still, he needs strong bones and muscles.

In the meantime, to stay still, he needs strong bones and muscles

How to achieve this? Do gymnastics, stimulate the boy's movements with bright toys. Trying to reach them, he quickly learns to control his body. You can also put the baby in an uncomfortable position, trying to adopt a different position, he will develop coordination of movements.

  • There are no pillows and rollers (they put an immature children's back and spine under overwhelming pressure, they prevent me from changing the posture in case of fatigue).
  • Surround security. Having tried to sit at least once, the baby will quickly understand the superiority of the skill and will repeat attempts again and again. To minimize the number of cones, remove all solid objects to which it may fall. Try to be close to support when the baby loses its balance.

Do not rush things! As Komarovsky reminds, the most correct and natural course of development of skills is as follows: crawling - sitting - rising on legs - walking.

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